What we do

We're all about insights from the inside out.

Unlike any other research company, we truly examine brands from the consumer's point of view.

We do value customers’ explicit thoughts and feelings about brands, but we think it’s not enough to capture this information using explicit self-report techniques. Overwhelmingly, research shows that we’re simply not well enough in touch with thoughts and feelings that drive customer behaviour to expect customers to accurately provide this information.

The trick is connecting with these decision-drivers that act implicitly. That’s what NURO does.

Nuro uses cutting-edge data collection and analysis techniques from the cognitive and affective neurosciences to examine customer responses to brands.Unlike any other research company, our approach, research design and data analysis capitalises on leading consumer behaviour and brand strategy models.

The result...research insights that directly connect with customer responses to brand, product, comms. We enable brand and marketing strategy that connects with how customers really think.

We think that your brand will benefit from these insights, and we’d love to show you how.

  • Nuro Workshops

    We understand what goes on in customers' heads and we'd like to share it with your team. Nuro Workshops enable teams by connecting them with leading-edge customer behaviour insights.
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  • Consumer Neuroscience Research

    The heart of Nuro's services. We leverage our expertise across a suite of consumer neuroscience techniques such as EEG, eye-tracking, skin conductance and implicit response to deliver deep research insights.
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  • Our Mission

    • Our mission is to help brand owners understand their customers better through cutting-edge neuroscientific insights and data.
  • Contact

    • Phone : +61 1300 624 211
      E-mail: info@nurobrand.com